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TTS MasterTune EFI Programmer

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Product Information

MasterTune-HD is a Windows-based ECM reprogramming tool specifically for use with Harley-Davidson motorcycles that utilize the diagnostic interface. MasterTune-HD also supports 2005 and later Retrofit ECM Service Modules when installed on earlier vehicles.
Note: The TTS MasterTune software is compatible with Windows XP through Windows 7. Both 32- and 64-bit versions of these operating systems are supported.
MasterTune-HD Features:
Saves and restores the original factory calibration
Optional multi-vehicle interface
Calibrates factory speedometer
Retrieves ECM information
Avoids adjusting values beyond safe settings
Compares functions quickly in tables
Adjusts front and rear cylinder spark advance
Adjusts front and rear cylinder volumetric efficiency
Changes factory RPM limit
Adjust for different fuel injector flow rates
Graphs tables in 2D/3D
DataMaster Features:
Included with every MasterTune
Records vehicle engine data easily
Retrieve and store all Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
Plays back key engine operating data and guidelines
Graphing of engine data to aid performance breakdown and troubleshooting
Estimates distance traveled and quarter mile time
Dynographs engine horsepower and torque
Exports engine and Dyno data to spreadsheets or 3rd party applications
Prints engine and Dyno Data
VTune Features:
Included with every MasterTune
Requires use of a TTS MT7 or MT8 calibrations
VTune tables reflect the engines actual Volumetric Efficiency
VTune generates a new calibration map every time
Reduces tuning time for a smoother running, more responsive engine
Calculates new data from calibration
TTS Updater:
Included with every version of MasterTune and will keep you up to date on all the latest releases from TTS