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Ryde FX 9200 Series Shock

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Product Information

One piece extruded aluminum cylinder combines solid strength, greater gas retention and lightweight performance
Anodized aluminum shock body for superior corrosion resistance
Microcellular urethane bumper stays soft even in extreme conditions to prevent hard bottoming where applicable
Integrated ice scraper within the cylinder head assembly keeps ice off the rod, which prevents moisture from entering the shock and contaminating the oil
Raised valve seat piston continuously flushes discs and orifices of potential contaminants, eliminating the possibility of undesirable damping
Large diameter IFP O-ring increases the allowance of higher gas pressure without compromising the seal which prevents scoring of cylinder, as well as providing long life consistency in damping
Super finished chrome rod provides not only an improved surface finish for longer seal life but a thicker coating of chrome that is resistant to pitting and corrosion