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Mototrax Mountain 129 Snow Bike Conversion Kits

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Price Range: $4299.00 - $4299.00

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Product Information

Absorbs small bumps and increases suspension travel, further enhancing the dirt bike feel. This springless strut provides ideal damping characteristics when you need it without compromising deep snow and steep terrain performance. Standard on all systems.
The innovative use of rising rate suspension in our Motolink design is the most obvious influence of our dirt bike roots. Utilizing a single shock, single swingarm and linkage to maintain the stock balance of your bike. From jumping to railing corners or charging through rough terrain, it just feels right. Mounted to the front of the skid, its improved performance features stand out from the competition the moment you ride it.
New for 2020, the IDS comes standard on MTX Factory Edition models. It provides superior rail tip control under hard acceleration, dramatically reducing rail tip dive. The fully tunable air shock provides maximum adjustability for various conditions, further complimenting our rising rate suspension technology.
8in. rear idler wheels with 6205 center bearing. Solid rear idler wheels come standard on the Enduro 120 and Mountain 129 models. The MTX Factory Edition models utilize spoked billet aluminum wheels for decreased weight and increased response.
All new for 2020, the EDS comes standard on the Enduro 120 and Mountain 129 models. Simplifying the same technological aspects of the IDS, the EDS provides substantial increases in overall durability and performance of our Enduro and Mountain systems. More damping capability and more natural, fluid movement provides significant reduction in rail tip dive under acceleration and gives you the factory deel without paying a premium.
MotoTrax was the first to offer a fully enclosed brake system in snow bike. Our new mounting system makes maintenance a breeze. The MTX models come with sintered metallic brake pads while the Enduro and Mountain have SC2 organic brake pads. Rotor guard design has drainage prots to reduce icing.
All MotoTrax systems have an industrial heim ball joint incorporated into the swingarm that allows the skid to pivot. The pivot damper spindles are designed to increase stability and rider control giving you a more planted, consistent and agile feeling while riding on the track, in the backcountry or on the trail.
Suspension Travel: 11in. front, 14in. rear
IDT - Intelligent Damping Technology: Performance strut, adjustable damping
IDS - Intelligent Damping: System: Fully tunable air shock for rear arm, standard on all MTX Factory edition systems
EDS - Elastomer Damping System: Elastomer damping technology, standard on all Enduro and Mountain Systems.
Ski Frame: Carve Ski with ForkSafe ski mount, patent pending
Bushings: Delrin self lubricating and oil rubbed bronze
Brake System: Willwood single piston floating caliper coupled with Galfer stainless steel brake line
Brake Rotor: 5.25in. stainless steel, developed to shed snow and heat
Stock Gearing: 16 tooth inner hub, 13 tooth outer, 16 tooth drivershaft
Rear Idler Size: 8in. with 6205 center bearing
Track Drivers: 7 tooth, 2.86 pitch
Track: Custom Challenger Hybrid with center ports and no outside lugs, 120in.-129in., 12.5in. width, 2.5in. center lug, 2in. outer lug, 2.86 pitch
Ski: MotoTrax Carve Ski
Width: 9.61in.
Length: 43.44in.
Keels: 1-center, 2-15 degrees angle out, real carbide runners
Center Keel Depth: 2.75in.
Outer Keel Depth: 1.75in.
Material Heavy Duty UHMW
Weight: 10.5 lbs
Conquer Everything.
Going far in the backcountry just became your reality! The Mountain is the necessary tool to take your riding from ordinary to extra-ordinary. Climb the steepest chutes, side hill jagged peaks and float through the deepest powder. The mountains are calling.
Fox IFP Shock - MotoLink EVO Equipped