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Hiperfax Profile #8 Teflon Slides

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Product Information

Our Hiperfax Slide has been designed, engineered and developed right here in Maine by an avid snowmobiler with the knowledge of what it takes to produce a slide that will give longer life, less drag, better fuel mileage, and more speed and here it is! Priced and sold in pairs.
TIPS FOR INSTALLATION: 1) If track clips are sand pitted, rusted or have plastic adhered to them, clean thoroughly with sandpaper or other appropriate method. 2) Tracks must have clips on every crossbar (not all new tracks have them). 3) Run 50-60 miles in good snow conditions to break in the Hiperfax for best results.
WARRANTY: Warranty is limited to defects in workmanship or material. Improper installation, suspension adjustment, track adjustment, too many studs on the track, poor quality track clips, lack of track clips or normal wear are not covered by warranty.
COMMON REASONS FOR PREMATURE WEAR TO ANY SLIDES, (STOCK HYFAX OR HIPERFAX): 1) Track is too tight at lower speeds and just right at high speeds (this is caused by either a worn out track or more often than not, overstudding). 2) Pitted track clips gouge the slide 3) Track clips are missing. 4) Another possible reason for excessive heat being created and causing premature wear is small track windows. Many tracks are offered with windows so small that not enough airflow is getting through and onto the slide. Airflow can make a significant difference in any slides temperature. Ideally, the larger the windows, the better.
ATTENTION: Hiperfax that are a little shorter than stock lets the track transition from the flat surface of the rail to the wheel radius easier than when cut to the factory length. Many track extension kits will leave a 6 void (no rail or slider) between the rear of the slider and the rear idler wheels. Many racers cut their slides shorter than their rails to enhance performance.