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AirPro Snowbike Bottoming Kit

Product Information

Price Range: $89.18 - $168.95

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Product Information

Standard snowbike setups weigh 65 to 85 pounds more than a stock dirt bike (BEFORE you add racks, packed snow, spare gas, etc), which can lead to violent bottoming and bent lower fork tubes. The AirPro allows riders to add 8-15 PSI to a spring fork, significantly increasing bottoming resistance and ride height. This accessory provides a low cost option for riders to achieve great results while using independently, or in conjunction with a front fork revalve/respring (depending on rider skill level).
Add 8-15 PSI to significantly improve bottoming resistance and increase ride height
Fraction of the cost of re-spring/re-valve
Quick and easy installation
For going back to the track or trails, simply release air from the schrader valve to convert to stock