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AirPro Buddy Plug Quiet Muffler Inserts

Product Information

Price Range: $16.13 - $49.95

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Product Information

The AirPro Buddy Plug is an aluminum insert for OE exhaust systems designed to allow owners to tailor sound output (dB) to their particular needs. Its also a far more cost effective option to replace a lost OE baffle, since most OEs require you to buy the complete muffler assembly, sometimes for several hundred dollars. Designed for those who want to quiet their bike down, where noise can be a problem, whether its sneaking into your hunting turf, riding in areas were the residents dont like loud bikes. Its easy to open it up quickly for a blast on the trails and the same to insert as many bolts as youd like before you set out for home. Its a wonderfully simple & easy-to-use solution
Quick & easy adjustment of sound output
Looks and fits well
Clear instructions and easy to install
No permanent mods to stock exhaust
Retains OE spark