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Accel Single Super Coil Kit for Universal Applications

Product Information

Price Range: $154.00 - $210.95

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Product Information

High-output coils
ACCEL engineers designed these coils special low-resistance primary winding to match the operating characteristics of factory and aftermarket CDI systems
Maximum performance with fast rise times
Extra-heavy-duty 9 mm silicone wires included
Made in the U.S.A.
Using the wrong coil may damage your motorcycles electronic ignition module. To determine your ignition type, complete the following test:
1. Determine whether the type of coil you are replacing is a high tower coil. (These coils will NOT replace single tower coils.)
2. Using a volt meter or 12V test light, hook the positive lead to the positive post and the negative lead to the ground on one of the stock coils.
3. Turn the ignition on, but DO NOT engage the starter button.
4. If there are 12V at the coil, the motorcycle has an inductive type ignition. If there is no voltage at the coil, then the motorcycle has a CDI ignition because
the power goes to the control box first.