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Accel S/S Ferro-Spiral Core Spark Plug Wire

Product Information

Price Range: $61.22 - $65.95

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Product Information

Same features as the 300+ Series such as an extra thick 8mm silicone jacket and silicone insulation eliminates electrical leakage or RFI interference that interrupts electronic ignitions
Delivers up to 5 times more peak energy than Screaming Eagle wire sets even at high temperatures over 500 deg. F
Ultra-strong Aramid core and fiberglass braiding provide resistance to vibration and wire stretch making the wire set more durable and reliable
Low 500 ohms/ft. resistance Ferro-Spiral core delivers maximum spark without diminishing or suppressing the spark energy
Available in custom fit sets that are pre-terminated and ready for quick and easy installation
Recommended for use on all carbureted and fuel-injected motorcycles