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Ohlins S36DR1L Shock Absorber - 13in. - Black/Silver - HD159S2



Choosing an Ohlins shock absorber is simple since we have made the choice for you!
We offer a wide array of shock absorber models, each tailor-made for one specific bike.
Everything made to improve the performance and comfort of your bike.
Start by finding out which shock absorber fits your bike.
Then identify which kind of shock absorber it is and which adjustment features.
Single tube design
36mm piston diameter
Monotube high pressure gas type with internal reservoir in main body
Adjustable rebound damping. Adjuster wheel on end-eye or reservoir
Adjustable length

Product Series

Application List

2004 - 2006Harley DavidsonFLHRSI Road King Custom13in. Shocks
2015 - 2016Harley DavidsonFLHTCUL Electra Glide Ultra Classic Low13in. Shocks
2021 - 2021Harley DavidsonFLH Electra Glide Revival13in. Shocks
2018 - 2021Harley DavidsonFLHCS Heritage Classic 114
2007 - 2013Harley DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic13in. Shocks
1998 - 2006Harley DavidsonFLHRCI Road King Classic13in. Shocks
1996 - 2006Harley DavidsonFLHRI Road King13in. Shocks
1994 - 2022Harley DavidsonFLHR Road King13in. Shocks
1990 - 1993Harley DavidsonFLHS Electra Glide Sport13in. Shocks
2015 - 2022Harley DavidsonFLHTK Ultra Limited13in. Shocks
2018 - 2021Harley DavidsonFLHC Heritage Classic 107
2004 - 2007Harley DavidsonFLHRS Road King Custom13in. Shocks
1996 - 2006Harley DavidsonFLHTCI Electra Glide Classic13in. Shocks
2017 - 2022Harley DavidsonFLHRXS Road King Special13in. Shocks
2003 - 2006Harley DavidsonFLHTI Electra Glide Standard13in. Shocks
2009 - 2013Harley DavidsonFLHTCUTG Tri Glide Ultra Classic
1990 - 2019Harley DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic13in. Shocks
2006 - 2006Harley DavidsonFLHXI Street Glide13in. Shocks
1995 - 2022Harley DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide Standard13in. Shocks
1990 - 1991Harley DavidsonFLTC Tour Glide Classic13in. Shocks
1995 - 2006Harley DavidsonFLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra Classic13in. Shocks
1990 - 2013Harley DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic13in. Shocks
2006 - 2022Harley DavidsonFLHX Street Glide13in. Shocks
1998 - 2009Harley DavidsonFLTR Road Glide13in. Shocks
2010 - 2014Harley DavidsonFLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited13in. Shocks
2010 - 2011Harley DavidsonFLHXXX Street Glide Trike
2014 - 2021Harley DavidsonFLHTCUTG Tri Glide Ultra
1990 - 1995Harley DavidsonFLTCU Tour Glide Ultra Classic13in. Shocks
2015 - 2019Harley DavidsonFLHTKL Ultra Limited Low13in. Shocks
2015 - 2022Harley DavidsonFLTRX Road Glide13in. Shocks
2014 - 2022Harley DavidsonFLHXS Street Glide Special13in. Shocks
2010 - 2013Harley DavidsonFLTRX Road Glide Custom13in. Shocks
1996 - 1996Harley DavidsonFLTCUI Tour Glide Ultra Classic13in. Shocks
2015 - 2022Harley DavidsonFLTRXS Road Glide Special13in. Shocks
2020 - 2022Harley DavidsonFLTRK Road Glide Limited13in. Shocks
2011 - 2019Harley DavidsonFLTRU Road Glide Ultra13in. Shocks
1998 - 2006Harley DavidsonFLTRI Road Glide13in. Shocks

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